Complex tooth checkup

 The examination consist of a checking all teeth and X-ray images focusing on interdental caries and caries under the existing fillings. The examination takes about 30 minutes and at the end we can tell you whether your teeth are healthy or if they need to be repaired.

Dental Hygiene

It´ s very important, because only without inflammation of gum we can continue in reconstruction of your smile. We use ultrasound and sandblasting to remove dental calculus and plaque from every tooth . You will also receive detailed advice on how to care for your teeth in order to avoid any further recurrence of tartar, the development of gingivitis, or any of a variety of other undesirable conditions. Every new patient receives interdental and single brush CURAPROX toothbrush 


Removing tooth caries and making high-quality fillings is a basic procedure of our dental ambulance. You can be relaxed because the treatment is covered by anesthesia  and we are also using a rubber dam which highly increases the  comfort of  your treatment .

Microscopic Endodontics

At our ambulance, we provide root treatment the modern way using anesthesia at one visit, so there is no day you would walk with an open tooth or pad. This way we reduce possible complications and save your time and any inconvenience. We use a surgical microscope that provides the magnification necessary for the perfect treatment of the root canal. 

Tooth extraction

During teeth extraction, we always use a sufficient amount of anesthesia and we treat the wound after exctraction to minimize complications during the healing process 


In oral cavity they replace lost teeth and their parts. In cooperation with dental laboratory, we make all kinds of dentures but in some cases we are available make them ourselves by CEREC system